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3D Head Tracking in Video How a simple model can do big.

In this post, I will describe my own implementation of a head tracker. 3D Head Tracking (HT) consists of inferring the 3D orientation and displacement of the head, often from a (single) video source.¬† Here, the video source will be a Logitech C910 webcam. Of course, any webcam will do. Video grabing and image processing […]

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SVN client on GoDaddy shared hosting

Every since I started to host my websites (thus, the present blog!) on GoDaddy, my (web-)life became a joy. If GoDaddy’s pros are countless, there is certainly one annoying con and it’s the absence of an SVN client. The easiest way to circumvent this shortcoming is to upload into your GoDaddy’s account a binary of […]

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Point_Cloud –> Mesh using Blender.

  MeshLab does it already but this is an alternative worth trying. Thanks to a python script by Hans P.G, you can gift your Blender with a mesh_generation capability. Check it out !

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Depixelizing Pixel Art…Bring old school graphics to life

A paper that describes a simple method to depixelize  sprite-like images. [PDF]

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